“…Nope, the crystal bounces off Beorn’s head unharmed and Beorn himself does not wake. “

It’s funny, I’ve had a lot of ideas for posts during the month… I’ve been playing White Knight Chronicles 2, I finished ALL THE THINGS in Warioware Touched! (netting myself the amazing unlockable known as… the whistle. which sounds like a person whistling when you blow into the mic. I shit you not. It’s not even as good as the Harmonica toy.) and I started Pokémon Ranger up again, started Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and dusted Pokémon Black off.

Can you see a pattern? That’s right, I’ve tracked down the Origami Kille-I mean I’m in that Pokémon mood again. Yes. That. That is the thing which I intended. And nothing else.

…Anyway, I’m gonna kick this post off properly with something a little different.
In a month, it’ll be two years since the official (it kinda just happened gradually and naturally so neither of us are sure of the “definite” date it began) start of my relationship with my girlfriend, and we’ve decided to go by the traditional anniversary milestone gifts, which makes it cotton (Some UK sites claim paper is second, others say cotton) and we’ve also imposed a limit of £10 on our gifts. I’m honestly looking forward to it. Valentine’s day went really well, and I’m really happy that I made her that happy, but I feel like this anniversary will be, I dunno, a bit more personal. Because it’s not a Hallmark Holiday, y’know?


Okay, it’s actually been about three weeks since I started this post. Life kinda got in the way, with a cubic baconload of exammy courseworky stuff and a bit of stressy lifey stuff, but now I’m gonna get back on track. May have to think of some kind of penalty for my cohort to inflict, like maybe the next blogpost I do has to be about any subject of his choice, but for now let’s get this show BACK ON THE ROAD!

The agenda for this week is kicking ass, so let’s start with some itenerary. I have a NEW programming ICA to get rolling with, making Snake, as in That Game You Get On An Ancient Bulletproof Nokia, though theoretically a bit fancier. *scribbles down note to expand with “crappy mobile phone mode” if I have time left*, D&D to prepare, hopefully wrapping up Act 1 of the current arc after about triple the estimated time ^_^;; planning some kind of one-shot game for Sarah’s birthday, keeping on top of Maths, and maybe, just maybe, not fall behind blogging again.

There’s nothing pressing I have to talk about in-depth, so I think I’m going to talk about my D&D game a little more. Nothing spoilery (at least one player reads this blog on occasion) but I don’t see any harm in talking about things already passed (and things missed). I’ve been meaning to recap anyway, so this works pretty well for that too.

So, when I originally started this game, I had… nothing specific in mind at all, if I’m honest. I was just testing the waters to see if people would actually want to make this a monthly thing, and working out where I’d get all the preparations arranged, like printing out 25+ sheets frequently without fiscally raping myself. Writing up a preamble for the player backstory took a fair bit of time since I wasn’t sure how consistent the party was going to be, I needed to put together something that could allow for the party potentially swapping in and out frequently. Of course that went by the wayside with the slow progression speed, but it was a good idea IN THEORY. I started to take the party through the dungeon outlined in the original 4E Starter Set, but it didn’t get too far. To try and give the session a sense of actually finishing, the party turned back to Fallcrest with the spoils from the dungeon, and the night ended. Had the dungeon went on, they would have encountered a young dragon in the depths of the dungeon, and likely started a campaign based around the plotting of Tiamat and the joining of the kobold and goblin clans around the Nentir Vale under her banner.

How much I planned out.

This is how much I planned for that first dungeon.

As it transpired though, things ended up being a little different.

How much was used

And this is how much of that dungeon was actually explored...

December came, and as the Christmas spirit came into force, the group wanted something a little Winter-y, and it was this brief idea that’s pretty much framed the direction of the scenario. As the party headed back from the tunnels of the kobold raiders, it began to snow. At first lightly, but getting worse every second, until the party were making their way through a blizzard. They had a choice: Try push all the way back to Fallcrest, a risky choice but they’d be able to get a good night’s rest in an inn and maybe find out the cause of this snowstorm in the middle of Summer, or they could attempt to search for shelter, the safer option, at the expense of arriving later into the town. In the end the party decided to try find a cave, and after a moderately sucessful Nature check, succeeded. They made camp, and during a late night… tryst… encountered a glowing crystal, in the back of the cave. Sariel attempted to discern the nature of the gem and discovered it was some sort of magic channelling crystal… before attempting to break it using the hardest available surface: Beorn’s slumbering head. This proved unsuccessful, and after the night’s “romance” concluded, the party continued to travel towards Fallcrest, crystal in tow, aiming to find out just what caused this blizzard, what the crystal was being used for, and most importantly: How much is a floorful of dead kobolds worth in gold, anyway?

To take a brief aside, had the party decided to fight through the blizzard, they would have eventually came across a defended wagon, the owners of which would turn hostile upon encountering, and assuming the party defeated their foes despite being tired and weary, they would have encountered a similar crystal, before its activation, as well as the valuables of the cart. Of course a bad endurance check going through the blizzard could have just as easily tanked their ability to even capture it, so by no means did they make a bad move by stopping to camp.

The wagon encounter map.

Rumours that this was totally an excuse to use that 3D cart are greatly exaggerated. Honest.

The party eventually made their way back to Fallcrest, where they returned to the Lord Warden’s manor and presented the proof of their partial victory against the kobold menace and were recompensated appropriately. I think I’ll leave it there for now, since this is looking a tad wordy as it is. There’s at least one more Part to this though, so I’ll write it eventually.

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