“Oh, it’s real alright. Y’know, I’m thinking that everything we see and everybody we meet in this place are actually pieces of data or programming, given physical form.”

Right, it doesn’t count as tomorrow until about 6am. That’s the rules. Honest. Anyway, I think today’s topic is Digimon.

File Island

The show only spends the first 10 episodes here, but it's the most distinct place in my mental map of the Digital World

For the past month or so I’ve been re-re-re-re-watching Seasons 1 and 2, AKA “Digimon Adventure”. English dub because if you’re gonna do something for nostalgic reasons, you should do it right. Now a quick summary for the uninitiated, Digimon Adventure season 1 follows the trials and adventures of seven (later eight) kids who find themselves transported to another world populated with monsters, the titlular Digimon, and then discover that they are destined (Digidestined, dohoho) to save this world from the encroaching forces of darkness.

I absolutely adore this series. I think it’s mostly the worldbuilding that does it, the elements of the surreal with the undercurrent that there is some organisation to it all, and the idea of having to survive in a strange and hostile world and surviving despite it all, because of sheer determination to succeed. It’s kinda the sort of world I’d like to live in.

This isn’t being a very easy blogpost to write. I have absolute adoration for this series but I think it’s too close to me to avoid mentioning my personal life and I’m kinda trying to avoid airing my problems out on here. Let’s talk about Digimon World.

Digimon World is the first Digimon game on the PS1, and drops you into a similar role as the above, destined for great things but at the same time having to survive things, though in this case your partner Digimon is more likely to suffer from lack of food than you.

The digimon training mechanic seems loosely based off the Bandai digivices you could get around that time, with weight, care mistakes, and other such things changing the way your digimon digivolved, as well as the RPG layer of stat builds, and it worked really well, although I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the most annoying thing when you were exploring an area in the middle of nowhere and your digimon decided that it needed to poop really badly, causing you to go back to the city or scramble frantically to find a loo. Or get 2 inches from one only for it to take a massive dump on the floor and growl at you angrily as if you’re the one that shat itself half a screen away from a toilet.

File City, day 4

File City when you're starting out doesn't look like much...

Honestly though, with the partner digimon, saving the world feeling like something as you watched the city grow with every digimon you brought into town, and what felt like a massive world sprawled out in front of you, it’s my favourite Digimon game so far. When I replay it, I still feel bad, taking a poor baby digimon out to Freezeland to let it get sick enough for Frigimon to come and rescue us. It’s a glitchy game in places, it’s possible to get trapped, and there’s even one glitch that’ll even kill emulators, it’s that bad a bug, but somehow despite all this, it’s an incredibly fun game. Fun enough that I was massively disappointed when Digimon World DS wasn’t a remake.

File City, YEAR 4

...eventually though, even Jijimon's house gets made into something more.

I forgave it eventually though.

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