Chronicle – The Interface

“This is the Interface. Small, light, and fitting like a glove, with this I am the master of my domain, able to create and change the world around me freely. Now, some of you recruits might’ve seen what a fully-loaded one of these babies can do and be looking forward to giving it a test drive, but I’m here to break your hearts and tell you that no, you won’t be using a full interface right now. Don’t go whining to me, even with the training we give you we lose at least one recruit to their own stupidity once we let them play with the real deal. Last year Tompkins – whom you’ll have all met already as he’s redoing basic training – managed to create a rudimentary cannon and fire it at himself during his lunch break when he forgot he had the darned thing enabled. Fortunately he somehow managed to fill it with socks so the force of them striking him only shattered a few ribs, but it just goes to show the power of the Interface should not be toyed with… Unless of course you are a certified Interface Toymaker, and in which case you’re in the wrong introduction session, this is room 3A, not room 3B.”

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