New Year New Bee

So it’s a new year, and while part of me wants to be glib about celebrating the little planet that could successfully obeying physics for another 365, I think as part of my attempt to get my life in order I’ll use it as a jumping off point.

James has been talking about doing the game a month challenge again. I’ve considered doing stuff like that before, but not really found the motivation. Well, I think I’ll at least give it a shot this year, so look forward to some little projects from me over the year, even if I don’t finish in the month I’ll post some WIP content and general thoughts about the project, which should help keep me motivated in busier months where I’m not sure if I’ll get it finished.

Next up is getting some long-term goals set up. Until recently I was under the impression I had a pretty sweet interest rate on my bank account, but as I’m apparently quite wrong about that I’m going to take advantage of the lowered pressure to keep the account as high as possible to try sort out some of my long term goals, like learning to drive. To be honest I’ve never seen the intrinsic appeal – I don’t hold any romance for the car and years as a pedestrian has made my distrust of other people on roads feel quite justified, so joining them isn’t something I’m a fan of, but practicality wins out and I could really use the ability to get to and from work without relying on the bus service – at the moment if I have a late shift I end up waiting in a bus station for over an hour for a half-hour bus, and changing that to a typically under 30 minute drive would be pretty fantastic. Plus, then I can see my girlfriend a lot easier, since leaving from her house would be just as easy as leaving from my own. Plus as far as getting to any future jobs goes, having a car would be quite fantastic.

Of course, I still will be making savings. My account may not be quite as good as hoped but it’s still one of the best available, and just generally saving money is inherently rewarding, so I’m going to aim to save at least £3000 by the end of this year, assuming I keep going with this job.

So yeah, a few long term goals, some easier to achieve than others, but hopefully none of them mutually exclusive.

Now to find time to work on them!

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