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Protirus Portfolio

Smooth Lines work.

Working with James Lendrem under the name "Smooth Lines", we designed and developed many sites, creating the majority of modules we used from scratch. While the aesthetic elements tended to be collaborative, once we had broken down the project into modules and specific tasks we predominantly worked on our sections independantly, with occaisional consultation or demonstration of the work thus far. As the longest period of professional programming I have done, it would be negligent for me to not include it in this portfolio. As most of the sites are no longer around due to the amount of time the company has been gone I will be simply including screenshots.

University Projects

During the course of the time I spent at University I did serveral projects. For the sake of brevity I have included two short ones here, both games written in C++ with the HAPI library for graphics and input management.

Short Report for dogfighting game (PDF) Short report for snakelike game (PDF)
Doxygen for the dogfighting game

College Nested Forum/Comments Project

Finally I would like to show the project I completed during college, creating a rudimentary forum system with BBcode-like parsing, nested replies, account creation and forum updating. I would host this live for your examination but since it is quite an old piece of software and written a decade ago, I would rather simply include the documentation rather than risk outdated security.

Design Doc
System Manual

Recent Projects

Chat Window

Make JRPG-style chat windows with this tool!

Celluar Automata

A small interactive demo of maps generated via a cellular automata algorithm!